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Timothy Netters, Jr. – Fairborn, OH Moving To Little Rock, AR


aka Tim involved 3 in lies and deceit. his job Air a cover. He began relationships from locations. At request, the first into relationship him. began her to have Three after with woman #1, planned trip meet up with woman #2. through lies deception, eventually commit to monogamous relationship. was 4 months after starting his woman made attempts to #2 having baby trying to he began to woman #3 and, their was to visit enabled women to was set to spend week at The shared which to get someone, anyone pregnant. He was all them, wanted marry them was ready life to woman #1 and #2, having unprotected sex with both may have very woman #3 not been signs and personality disorder behavior and is very try this prefers to meet women online uses his job an Tim uses of to to fall trap.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d like someone to contact me. I need to know more details – I am another victim and I created this email address: anothernetters@gmail.com

    Thank you! Looking forward to closure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please email me ASAP at


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!!!! Reading the texts posted above is like deja Vu. He told me that my son should’ve been his. Wanted me to sell my home and move to Dallas to be a stay at home mom and have his 3 kids and adopt another. This was all before he was to start his residency in another state. I always suspected he had other women as he always wanted to text and would never follow through when he would finally convince me to uproot my life to move to him. It’s sad a doctor whom knows the dangers of unprotected sex with multiple partners would repeatedly do this to numerous women.

    Way to go ladies for bustting this egotistitical man. I feel so sorry for the one he actually got pregnant and is stuck with him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The one he got pregnant is probably another one of his conquests.

    He is SICK. I am beside myself.

    Please, Darien, don’t turn out like your father. This is the reason women don’t trust men.

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