Stephen A Thorpey – Boca Raton FL

I A Thorpey Boca Raton FL 4 1/2 years ago. Prince kids, and both adored him.  never known dad thrilled our family was and me their expensive and sold letgo. Used homes, boat, and more profiles.  he was soliciting workers with photos. half of of on Craig’slist. rehab 8 times in 2 years out of our marriage, marriage counselor believing I addict mentally He’s mentally and to believe went brown he salve Worked as a media in an upscale He Marc Network were clients helped instagram, the feature many apps. All hadn’t been arrested $10,000 from his last was the 5th wife the one They contacted via media being  the nicest ever. All have ptsd I is abusive, mentally, verbally, Spiritually converted was baptized Christian because I relationship he’d near completed his I digestive cardiac crisises, mini stroke and to the abuse. His family indulges in schemes, aids him they from theft too ! Please beware! I another woman or his

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Remove this article immediately I am the woman involved in this and ask that this immediately be removed this is my personal and private very confidential business and involves my minor child as well the facts are not accurate and this is slander please remove before 11am or legal authorities will be contacted please alert me whom did this !

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m really confused by your comment. All in your one garbled sentence you ask and then demand that the post be removed. This was a foolish move…Did you read the sentence with the pretty red font on ???? You have indeed made demands and published a legal threat against this web site. Shame on you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes because I just learned of this and am mortified! No woman would want her dirty laundry or child exposed in this vulgar manner! My minor child and his medical needs bring referenced and your not clearing it as I do no pretty red anything is what’s a shame!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have every right as a parent Shane on you !

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your 11 am deadline has passed so I think you should call your lawyer now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Already did and the use of a minor though you find it amusing isn’t !

  7. Anonymous says:

    The demand was made as a request to protect a minor your site is trash as are you and you mocked a parent asking to protect a child’s rights that too is in writing and documented! Shame on you as you said to me this is a crime in America as minors their rights and their privacy and medical information is protected unless signed for and documented with a form of legal identification from a custodial parent ! This was your big error for not checking that out!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Your site? I don’t own this site and you sound TOTALLY f**king crazy!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The smirk this guy has been wearing on his face when strutting about town with his new lady, a woman determined to publicize openly their love, commitment, affair, engagement, home remodel to no end seems to think she’s won some prize from the wife. Neither are engaging in anything he or she should be proud of, anything they have bragging rights toward, accomplished, they both have made themselves the idiots, either thinking they are achieving much other than proving he is this? She proud to plan an engagement at this time, under the false pretenses he offered as she was, he too bold to block friends or friends of the children to see their disturbing plans. Harm, abuse, betrayal or abandonment to those children absent to her. His deceit of the children and the suffering he brought of no purpose to use restraint in airing this for them to witness. He arrogant to the ideas of class in allowing this to be waved at the children or the rest of us. Stephen if the truth of this post, the backstory, your response the real story were to be aired with your or your girl friend’s lack of morality or conscious the monster you don’t wish to be viewed as would be an upgrade in comparison to how you are viewed. Man to man we gave your mistress the respect of leaving her unidentifiable in the event she is unaware, how she would be in the age of information would be puzzling , we are not stalking you, public display of your behavior the assurance of being believed or portrayed the victim we do not possess. It is you and only you being of the mind, addiction, heart, sickness you are that permitted this to be seen by all openly. Discretion Stephen failure by your own design. Perception of you a product of your doing. Reputation accurate. Slander is stating untruths, liable is writing them publicly to slander a party, harassment is seeking you do not flatter yourself no one wishes to seek either of you only to be given the respectful courtesy you ask of others. Demand you are confusing for reasonable disgust expressed to you, human behavior asked of you, accountability to your word asked than expected and owed when not done. Men do not make women or children to own their shortcomings, their sin, their shame, their illness, their failures those are your and only yours to carry, hide them with your lies the truth is seen through you. Threaten or warn away we are not fearful your truth is what there is what fear there is to carry. You want these posts removed have them removed take responsibility for the actions that caused you to incur this image. Opportunity you denied more often than a lifetime brings most men. Angry be angry with yourself, do not wish to be reminded don’t give others a reason to bring you to mind by exposing yourself further. A clean persona show the world one, not the one we saw or the heartless immoral liar intimidating women or kids. Not the guy who can’t keep his word, not the guy who can’t be digested because he’s toxic waste. Not the guy who manipulates, triangulates, seeks pity, acts the victim,blames everyone but himself, fabricates, play acts, cries fake tears, alters his beliefs to suit his company the guy that never once showed up as he had vowed to under no duress of your will is the truth. It is my belief that you and this woman were at it for some time that you both waited until the scene was opportune, the climate right, the circumstances able to be swayed and the truth able to be contrived to your best abilities to profit. Your colors and hers showed as you planned weddings that are near identical in theme to that which you had planned with your wife, shop for engagement rings that seem to resemble those returned, the other woman may get the very one or the product of your broken vows in return. She boasting recipes and drink mixes to cook in a kitchen full of the wife or her friend’s housewarming gifts bestowed upon you with pride to reveal herself to others shamelessly. She posting cocktail recipes to make an alcoholic whose relapsed as frequently and recently as you have. She likely sitting on the wife’s couch, lying in the bed with sheets you made love on with both your wife and proud mistress pinning a wedding as you did too long, the waterfall that graced your entry hall with your wife in the background, even lux items in your kitchen she purchased or gave to prepare your favorite meals used between you no second thought your sin shows, using her holiday decor which was in some your wifes to build her holiday decor with you, either this woman lives under a rock, is as sick as Stephen or she has known of this and been willing to be a participant in his destruction, pain, fraud and deception. I live near them, the gloating their “love” with expectations no comment, opinions, feelings, condemnation should come to them leaves me asking how do they stand themselves? Each time I recall the lies, the deceit, the commitments, apologies, agreements, his pleas of his love for his wife, his inability to love again, his swearing on God, his own life and any commodity he deemed tangible to persuade his wife or the rest of us he was no adulterer, I can only ask how he is able to run around Cheshire Cat grinned in public, fiancée to be no reason for dismay, she proudly at his side while all know he was the Jekyll and Hide Mad Hatter con he swore not to be but only proved is who Stephen has chosen to display. Stephen has stopped at nothing, claimed he was at peace, he claimed this woman was on another planet, he told her to f**k off, he’s threatened her, her family and her children since this post. He’s threatened action against each than carried it so far as to deny any truth of anything having occurred in respect to this. I’m a man not a woman who hit my maximum with Stephen A Thorpey. His over confident self assurance that he’s able to get away with his none sense or take up space in the heads of others , all are arrogant egotistical sick intimidation only meant to further the suffering he imparted to others. I have believed since meeting this guy when introduced by the family spoken of that he had an agenda. Truth all of it, the best thing I can say about this is that it’s the highlight real, this “man” is guilty of a million other sins, crimes and flaws. We welcomed him into our community with open arms, we offered our friendship, our loyalty, our care, our time, our respect, our compassion, our aid, our resources and our connections. We searched for him along with his family, our children, and our friends when he was homeless and ill, more than once you were worthy of that to us we are not worthy of your word? Stephen you do not have the divine power to alter truth, your lies are not divine and do not replace reality, your attempts to make women or children to walk in fear, shame, doubt in their own hometown, known by the finest citizens it’s home to, members of the community in good standing having made charitable donations offered their time selflessly, befriended so many of us, raised children among us, and we call friend will not walk in your shame or to be in fear of you or doubt that she her children or her family are to be considered a second that you have spun to cast upon them. It is your heads to hang in shame, your doubt of the truth you both display proudly you cast upon yourselves as you’ve cast on your own image with no remorse, your fear of the family, friends, and loved ones that know who you are that should be haunting you and she not the woman in question or the children. Wipe the grin off your face as you hold your head up high boastful it’s message says a thousand words that no one cares to here how proud you are to tell, the peace it brings you only suggests the danger of who we know you are to her, the children, each of us, and our community. These are not the types of persons we wish to flaunt in our community and they are not ones we intend to intimidate alienate and defame our long time friends, family or citizens.
    We pray you become an individual the community is proud to flaunt just as you’d given your word.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The X wife ended it by the end he made her skin crawl and stomach turn. I know her and the family referring to her as the wife is an insult to her, he was never a husband. The woman can’t bare the thought of him, how could she. I don’t believe there is anyone who knew these 2 who would doubt her or who knows them well as individuals. His history speaks for itself, the reputation he’s projecting all his energy into spinning hatred at her for he should have been into being the man he claimed to be probably still claims to be. He opened the door for all his skeletons to fall out of the closet demons to fly out from under his bed. Stephen Thorpey had it all he didn’t deserve it he even told me when he met her he knew she was to good for him. Stephen Thorpey is intent to pin his bs on the X wife, her kids, her family, her friends anyone but himself. He lies so much he believes he’s right. The X wife found out to far in to go back on her vows and spun so many lies, scams, stories, smoke screens and excuses she kept hope faith love and commitment at heart as long as she could in the end his darkness was the only thing she saw it had begun to give her chills fill her with discomfort send her praying she’d never have to endure sight of him again. She found out all the dirty secrets he’d been hiding shortly after one by one they appeared when family or friends would confront him or call him out he’d just become psycho or play dumb. He can’t take responsibility for anything nothing is his fault when he fesses up it won’t last long neither will change unless he’s playing his act to get something out of someone or raise his image. The x wife and kids have been through hell and the truth behind this post is grim his vicious attacks since gruesome if people knew what they were going through during this little spell of his blame shifting need for revenge all inspired to save face their stomach’s would turn and their skin would crawl too. Monster he’s not one just how he treated the kids alone especially in the end makes him one forget the nightmare he was to her. The x wife wants this down more than he does makes her ill rightly. No one would want this aired however Stephen Thorpey infuriated everyone around them with his sick games this last run of fires he set than tried to pretend he did nothing left her wishing she’d never heard his name and each person she knows wanting him to just cut his c**p and do right, too much to ask of this tough guy. His image can’t be ruined, he should give being that image he wants people to think he is a shot and maybe he wouldn’t have become the monster he is. His handling of this was out of line out of control irrational abusive extortive exploitative and mean. What he put them through recently no person would attempt the timing circumstances all just shocking to have done. The lies, stories, scam, fraud and phoniness that was exposed as a result because she is well informed and it cost her to be just like it costs her to have posts removed and deal with his threats hate anger spite and twisting his own sick game onto her or anyone else. He could have handled himself with dignity with grace with character with truth with compassion or kindness he could have been responsible respectful remorseful accountable mature rational all traits he’s incapable of utilizing he doesn’t possess the ability. Stephen Thorpey you dig yourself the whole you dig your way out. People have the right to think what they do you and only you earned it. Your approach to this was as ugly as your behavior ugly breeds ugly. You don’t want the feelings condemnation don’t commit the acts that cause them. Don’t throw the fault on others then capitalize on their vulnerability grief pain or weakness at just the right moment as you have for a very long time. No plot twist you can script changes truth. This is all the repercussions of your handling. She wants none of it it’s not who she is you know it too. It’s the 50-100 people that know the truth met or knew you both that tried to help, supported you, put out the fires your lies set, gave you faith just like she did that can’t turn a blind eye. How many of us can you claim are liars, threaten, sue, or intimidate as you did her. Why what motive questions anyone would wonder answers and explanations you are willing to attempt to destroy a woman and children who were so very goof to you at this time that’s shameful all to evade truth and responsibility while saving face. No man would be that dark if he weren’t addicted or mentally ill. The unending bs of your double life that your advertising yourself proudly has revealed a added punishment and slap in the face. Your nerve to protest as you do uncanny your smug self entitlement demented. The love around her and those kids the friends, family , extended family support system representation and protection you can’t shake no lie or distortion you can conjure will stick no threat do are you to anyone but yourself. The new relationship the only thing the s wife feels is afraid for the mistress now soon fiancée. I’d ask her what makes her so certain she won’t be treated as the last 2 or 3 were, does she believe she is special, his promises, love commitment, pledges of love so different. I don’t believe that’s a wise gamble his track record is long there isn’t just this damage. The one prior was pretty sick, the one before that slightly less sick, each becomes more violent in the psychological warfare emotional destruction and financial loss. It’s all online all there just scroll far enough page after page. The cats that came out of the bag in the aftermath of this train wreck just by family or friends doing so led to much truth that only showed more deception. The exchanges with hackers inquiring about the exact model phones, I pads, lap tops and computers, the other phone numbers, the adult sites, Lord knows what fabricated bs he’s spun nothing that wasn’t taken already can be and whatever she was kind enough to give that’s his karma to have allowed to be a display of his new home life. The x wife can’t wait until the service she has to pay to delete any trace of them having met has completed their work, his presence anywhere near her or children’s names is something they don’t deserve to be associated with in any way. Stephen Thorpey you cant just go through life expecting your demons and Skelton’s will remain secret you’ve done nothing near what you must to bury the bones kill the demons and make your ways extinct. The Gaul you have to believe no one has right to upset or question shocks. Stephen Thorpey that which is born bred and nurtured in lies, secrets, scripted images and illness or addiction will only end in a ball of fire that harms those you claim to love just as it has in the past this new life and love affair will result in the same. You haven’t prevented it by healing yourself. The effort put into bs anger hate spite and hiding place in your healing/recovery this may not happen again. If this new woman loves him leave him to recover he won’t until he’s alone to put the energy he’s putting into the act your receiving into himself. Pray for him and be grateful you weren’t harmed while he sound his next web and promises you the world.
    Stephen Thorpey she isn’t interested in you at all the people she loves are sickened that you could have done as you did to such a lovely soul who loved you so much. She knows it was all a lie, take your due, get help, be alone so you hurt no other and pray.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The X wife X , became aware of the affair after the fact after becoming the X! She left him she had become disgusted and aware of his many schemes. His hatred of her and his intent. The relationship was not authentic it was a scam. She is not of the intent to create any issue the anger outrage attempts for justice and defense of her or the children and any attempt to reveal curb or out him by loving individuals whom are well intended and acting out of protective care and incredible good intent unfortunately has escaped his rage and spite. The one day love next Day hatred had revealed all the X wife needed to know about him. She asks we no longer persist end this immediately his fury has only put she and the children at greater risk and retaliation by him. While we are righteous in our outrage shock and protection it has created extreme consequences and increased hostility by him. The memory of him she wishes to be eliminated permanently this is something she can’t and won’t permit to remain a piece of their history he is and was a fake that is his to answer to not ours or hers. The thought of him turns her stomach raises her hair and makes her ill. Mistake would be mild this was betrayal at its worst as stated in the prior comment. Exploiting the love and trust faith Hope commitment loyalty and care she gave is his own personal issue to defend with God not the world. He may slander her threaten her her children her family and friends how many can he sue call liars and defame or discredit too many know the truth his history prior to her is evident she was not the first and the facts go beyond her years with him. She wishes no harm it is not if her nature she was shocked deeply pained numbed and speechless to learn of the facts the truths revealed since are only more of a nightmare to have had revealed the timing of his choosing to attack and reveal the truth a calculated deliberate revenge to put her to her worst she is and will be in prayer for the soul she believed existed the individual she had given herself to selflessly did not exist he was a fabrication of design to harm and extort her leave her the children and family the villains this act is a memory she is adamant to banish his name or face she will not hear or acknowledge only her prayer for the human remaining underneath what he has shown to be saved and given to the Lord. Please end this campaign. For the new woman she offers prayer and strength. My question not hers is what leads the new woman fiancée to believe these lies this deception this fake image these promises these vows this life the dreams the flattery the romance the passion the soul mate connections the smoke show the best ever chemistry the hope to think she is anymore special than the last few or that he will not treat her as he did them that she is his savior as the wife believed or that he will actually keep those vows does she believe that the x wife wasn’t covered and fooled with all the same identical cons. She prays for her she empathizes with her and she wishes her no harm only prayer. She hopes that Stephen will come clean with the new woman free himself to the Lord and do what he must to recover and heal meet his demons and bury the skeletons of his past once and for all and free her until which time he can treat her as she deserves. She no longer wishes any thought or will of anyone to bestow him. Please allow her to escape this permanently. He must be freed she will not be his victim or in her past again. She wants this down he knows it he know why and how his anger spite rage and vindictive spirit is his not hers let her leave this he knows it’s bern handled he is well aware of who she is that’s why he was capable of exploiting her the rage of others and attempts to make him to do right are not desired it has made hell for her to pay further than the hell he gave and now gives her she doesn’t wish for the rage or to continue his dark wishes to her please end her pain and let him be dealt with ny karma God and fate. She has begun the cost expense and legal processes to remove any exposure to connection between them to be discovered the reputation he has she will not allow to be connected to her her children or family.

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  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    DV rights advocate, counselor and victims group healing leader familiar with this case. Making the following statement was a prayerful decision over several days. I will not disclose details to illustrate the staggering facts and evidence that undoubtedly confirm these statements with great restraint in contrast to the ferocious behavior of the man in question. He is well aware of the realities of that evidence and the grace, mercy and blessing the woman involved has bestowed upon him numerous times over the years in withholding rightful action both criminal and civil. He made choices, decisions and persisted in them while tormenting further his vicious brutality in attempts to resolve matters and in the reality of the tragedy the truth of the initial post is and can not be debated to be further proved his abuse just as every peaceful or good natured attempt since to create an end to the rage spite and cruelty this man has shown with such confidence pride in his behavior joy in his actions peace in his heart and deliberate escalation as vengeance to create further pain and suffering to his victims. Remorse is not in his vocabulary as he proved with great arrogance and incredible hate toward his victims.
    The investigations, procedures, processes and potential forthcoming actions and those currently in motion have exposed glorification of @stephenthorpey in social media postings and commentary as well as innuendos toward his victims that are equally worthy of actions a fact that appears overlooked in the championing he is now receiving on public forums available for viewing by the other woman in attempts to cheerlead, comfort, excuse, defend or encourage his behavior both current and previous toward his victims children to be included over a number of years his destruction unspeakable and harm immense to a woman and children permitted or gone unaddressed as an advocate I can not rest my head in good conscience to ignore or call the enormity of @enicker1 is responsible for having done so along with the position she’s placing herself in by participating in the encouragement of @stephenthorpey as victom or wounded party attacked by this woman or others. @shesaidcool no man on this planet who proceeds to recent date of a week or so (just the timing of your defense of him as is recorded) in the denial, spite, rage, anger, vengeance, threat, brutality, hatred, remorselessness and insistence of maintaining his image, your thoughts of him, the story he’s told you, the fabrication he’s likely provided to validate his scripted false persona or his denials of the true nature or status of your relationship with him as he plunges his swords to a woman and children your defense of him antagonizing his cause and fueling his abuse and cruelty as well as his lack of dignity, honesty, reality or cooperation to resolve all while you document the commitment publicly you have to one another and he states the opposite. The statistics that you @enicker1 may be his next victim despite your profound over confidence in his innocence and having been needlessly or wrongfully harmed is alarming and I do pray for your safety. I pray that in the upwards of 60% statistical probability you will become one given his history this woman and the children not his first victims either that no woman he’s moved onto chooses to publicly proclaim @stephenthorpey a warrior or boast his alleged moral right path let alone encourage his denials or the essential need that is not just rightful but necessary for his own safety and welfare long term to become remorseful of having committed to take accountability for the reality and truth he cast onto this woman her children and many others in his past with no ability to recognize the illness or the addiction he is not permitting himself recovery from that will give you the opportunity or he to share the life your planning so openly ! @shesaidcool this is not an acceptable stance or statement to have proudly protectively blanketed @stephenthorpey in it is in fact a weapon you are helping him to load to potentially harm you, others in the future perhaps your own children should you have them now or in the future and right now to perpetuate applaud and encourage the abuse he committed which was of epic proportions in terms of harm and loss on too many levels to a woman and children for a very long time whom once believed in him loved trusted and adored him with their lives hearts and every asset just as you do and believed him as well. I would pray being the spiritually empowered enlightened zen woman you are presenting yourself to be would not wish to engage in such harm to others certainly not children or to have that karma or experience to someday be your cross to bare ! To any other individuals championing or martyring @stephenthorpey like his best friend as publicly proclaimed @just.a.dude03 repeating when asked not to or the moments she contacted you in good concern or fear for his instability when the crash came was a dangerous harmful gamble to have run to @stephenthorpey and portray as her stalking you or harassing you let alone to slander degrade or attack him @just.a.dude03 that message the one and only in the immediate after moments of the eruption is documented as well for evidence as this continues to evolve and search for a just end and a peaceful life for his victims! As a us vet and ptsd sufferer all of the preceding also documented for evidence as stated in writing to the woman over time by @stephenthorpey as she frequently offered you help support and prayer again evidence in those communications true or false you may ask your best friend @stephenthorpey and you may believe his answer just as you believed the slight risk the woman or children would be further abuser their ptsd exacerbated was believed false yet is documented to have done so in your best friends addressing of that. @just.a.dude03 @enicker1 @shesaidcool @ stephenthorpey are you both aware of his struggles personally his low points the effects loss harm and damage alcohol has pained he and his family in his addiction to as you both very publicly and openly advertise your drinking with him in bars and him purchasing alcohol in a bar if you both love him so why aid enable and risk his sobriety why not refuse to participate or accompany why not accompany him to other healthy productive recovery passages the same follows suit in terms of his depression abuse of others and so on ? Together @just.a.dude03 @enicker1 and @shesaidcool what is the length depth and reality or how well you know @stephenthorpey beyond what has been told to you, shown to you which may well be fabricated which to can be evidenced given the systems he’d been utilizing to access the woman and her children’s most personal information til recently how many other common friends that have known him prior to his arrival here in a consistent manner to account or back up his story and realities of the past decade or so of his life beyond his parents as they too are enabling his behavior and welfare to be risky to himself and others the prayer that this is all taken into account and that you both proceed with the cautiously in your decisions to raise your warriors ego and rage which is a danger to those your aiding in his false reality that are his victims not he there’s ! Be the friend and lover your advertising and aid in his recovery and healing instead of his demise that will undoubtedly occur at any time given how he progresses forth or lingers where he is ! @enicker1 @shesaidcool the warriors are the victims who are survived and fight to heal not the abuser who refuses to properly treat himself while commuting further abuse and enlisting aid in his causes or sympathy to soothe his demons as to save face and continue in his illness and likely deception of you and his best friend. He is lying to himself most of all! Do not contribute to the harm of he or his victims welfare by coining him a warrior of righteousness and good direction that is an insult and a despicable act of your cruelty to the victims which than places you both in his level of dysfunction, illness, and need of prayer. I can not advocate silently or turn my eye to the promotion of abuse to any one man woman or child that is occurring. It is my prayer that you both were unaware and meant no such things misguided by false representation, manipulation, illness and self promotion by @stephenthorpey.
    May God Bless you each and the victims but may He keep his light and protection on @stephenthorpey that he will surrender and seek that rightful warrior path of healing that is desperately in need for his own best and likely that of both best friend and girlfriend. I pray the victims all past and present are given peace and am grateful to have made a statement for all trauma and abuse survivors!
    @ncadv @15thcircuit @lisabloom

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