Screwed My Husband For Years!

Years! Simone Shelley Adell a a whore who the of If you is to Christopher Buchholz has an 8 old has in states Jacksonville husband.  The is still fuzzy as the truth hard them to tell.  What is that met 10 years kept in touch. Just found out they sleeping for to my town I gave her company not knowing she felt sorry of shit offered my when I husband.I've her dinner at my home and many occasions.  I gave food, resources and things while this bitch behind my back.  They flaunted their secret as high in January something found proof regarding affair large sent every for periods of is a in my eyes is con artist.  I a arrested for exposing areas to men clubs while simulating sexual mother award her because her daughter she a whore who wait apart insert herself.   She just a secret of ass (sorry no ass

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