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New Gloucester Maine – KELLY GOODWIN

Kelly Goodwin close her husband. friend's children the Kelly Kelly was like a sister to my friend, was part of the friend were a in their and were working on Kelly this, my her. offer advice, ask things and they stay together. told my friend a life: the husband, the kids, the nice was my friend's told my friend asked Kelly, him. then sex my friend's more once. he she accused my friend husband using debit card was is enjoying the in the situation, one wronged. When boyfriend five years he kicked with her disgusting hear her town, a martyr.Kelly is a lying, pathetic excuse a

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I knew she wasn’t telling the whole truth. Trash.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why would she ever tell the truth?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mike Wildes, check this out! Aren’t you marrying her?

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