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Kelly Goodwin AKA Kelly Lee – New Gloucester and Gray, Maine


Goodwin was close friends my husband. My friend’s children attended that to my friend, part of the My her husband going through a marriage, on Kelly knew friend everything to her. offer things going, ask told that she had a perfect life: beautiful the nice Kelly was pursuing friend’s husband. him that asked to him. had sex with my friend’s husband, When cut her off, she accused my and husband of card make purchases, Kelly enjoying playing the victim the as if she was her boyfriend five found about her he kicked her his along son. It disgusting to her around town, lying, cheating, a friend and woman.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I used to work for Kelly… she was always rating the dads at the daycare by how hot she thought they were, and bragged about how some of them wanted her. Now she’s engaged to and living with a guy she’s known for years, who she always claimed was obsessed with her and crazy. But he owns a home, and will do anything for her, so she must have decided to take the free roof over her head. Her poor son is going to be so messed up by this example.

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