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Josh Laughlin – Weatherford Or Fort Worth TX

When you and ghost ass, he stalks and contacts your what call “ain’t shit”; the won’t stop from reaching doesn’t ‘no’ means no hands or threatening why is fucked up aside from looking a mag to face! on his has bite mark where ex ink cover claims exes are are like the denominator that would his anti-depressant ass. He blaming everyone else for his wears shirts and jewelry from exes; blue Donahew Texas and James 😂😂 poor bastard. No respect for property, just ask his “family”. No shame in this smoking pill-popping cokehead stoner with dead He to his can’t get it. Except That filthy dick is always hot!! chump doesn’t use condoms, just spreads to can get drunk to Extra mouth all booty Plus rough queen; wonder that was his time 🤔🤔🤔 he’ll try it if you do anal Best to avoid this lying, cheating, POS to he thank goodness for that! When says he with that doesn’t him at he shacked in in Weatherford. where he holidays he’s so Only will him to “work out” him 😂😂 is Jenny Ulrich and my my, you’re a day, just remember, you have a lot worse! wide

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