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Jeff Jones – Mobile, AL

I’m to other naive that were in my This dated he Virginia Beach. He pursued asked me to girl, went Sundays, find was talking and sending girls at And to things he a girlfriend the entire time he me. Ladies....run! This CHEATER!!! literally lowered esteem and lowest I had ever been.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh.my.goooodnesss. I came across this on accident and I know him all too well. He “dated” one of my best friends and he is a LIAR. He would NEVER post he is in a relationship or post any photos of them put together. Girlfriend….I don’t think he ever split from his wife. I see them together ALL the time in Mobile. He has MAJOR issues ladies. This is true. Please… when he messages, flirts, wants to take you on “adventures” all while reading his devotional” …save yourself the misery…RUN RUN RUN

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