Ineligible For Arbitration


Our arbitration removal process is extremely simple, yet individuals on this page chose other methods in an attempt to get content removed from this site. All attempts have failed and all arbitration offerings are permanently revoked. These individuals and or their attorneys have foolishly made threats, demands or attempted to or threatened take legal action against Elaine (owner of this site).

All below mentioned posts shall remain on this site indefinitely! NO EXCEPTIONS!


Ludmila Aramian-Staten Island, New York




Rose Dortch-New York, NY

Rose Dortch | New York


Deshi Sarabjeeth-Johannesburg, South Africa-Gauteng, South Africa

DESHI SARABJEETH | Johannesburg South Africa – Gauteng South Africa



Rita Germino-Lisbon, Portugal

POST # 1

Rita Germino – Lisbon Portugal


Rita Germino-Lisbon, Portugal

Post # 2

Lisbon Portugal – Rita Germino


We will be adding prohibited attorneys to this page soon!