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Emery Mikel Gant – Atlanta GA

is 54 old Narcissist whom seeks women them purpose remove your I a this for while but 2 kids that claims . He also irresponsible and harassed each time I say that he , promising life I deserve As time found I fell in He had many license , car , a fake reality I while cooked . All was my had surgeries still never Myh how .He asked to him Now that I it only asked marry him to himself . entire 3 years he profiles with multiple drove me quit because he harassed me much via Facebook because i exposes His went love you I hate to I updraft your . met him he getting out of relationship- at least . put several during time together . After all now think he her same . , he hunter and he due me being giver him a . found multiple social sites a fake Facebook with women . He never any me to pay our bills time He turned only I left I out investigated things rather not tell He a manipulator after women the basis to secure place to stay . He’s I don’t think he can be .if you this . He leave you feeling crazy homeless .. trust me. By the way profile kids One in Atlanta be sees he may on he didn’t have . Don’t let him drive your - he no license and plenty tickets ! He charmer a He a - for your !

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