Darren Ambler – Cherry Hill New Jersey Delusional STD’s Denial Control

with Darren was unbalanced- sexually and narcissist breaking It must be stated again- Darren and did not and seduce females into stinky then none of this would be taking place right the with Ambler Hill- NJ. ------------------------------------------------------------- Darren is on various sites posts sense and is also cutting attempt annoy other web users and contributors. won't work. This time Darren his sins. Jesus to make sure authorities him. Or can NEVER go to (ha again about years ago demented made him start dating sites sexual recruits. He fun moved Megan so and Darren was a willing He learned Bondage- filthy techniques, group Which he stunk bed. "Our Little 3 of lies- bondage- mental abuse is big New early Ambler came out and are taking Justice PERSON WHOM CONNECTED OR WITH ANY PROSTITUTION AND/ OR SEX TEACHES AND TO BE UTILIZED IN SEX TRADE (AKA BE TO INCARCERATION: IS THE LAW IN 34-01 A save he it explain part prostitution the Lord" "AMEN"!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahha!! The wittie biddie cutie baby monkey! I’ve seen photos of the person in question. Without a doubt- the baby monkey is so much cuter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Apparently- Darren Ambler may be having the “BIG ONE”! A total Psychotic Breakdown……He has been posting insane replies on numerous web-sites for weeks. It seemed as if it may have died down for a short time. However, it seems the delusional Sex addict must have been spaced out on DOPE last weekend. His Rants and Convoluted postings began again. I don’t think Darren sleeps much (many crazy people do not sleep much). ( These posts were made in the early morning hours of Sunday Dec 9th). It seems, the raging maniac posted things on’ Dating Psychos.com’ in an attempt to once again fool or confuse the public. His posts make absolutely no sense (as per usual) these recent ones are worse. As if his mind is completely shot (probably full of dope- drugs and this STD infection that has Ra***ed his frail 129 pound poor excuse for a body.
    ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Probably the Drugs and the internal infection is rotting away what little brain he may have left. It seems to have been rotting away Darren Ambler’s Internal organs for many months. Those Sexual diseases are nasty and compiled with all that evil- hate and sinful behavior it began literally rotting away his evil Internal being and his organs. I am sure it affects his already damaged Brain. Anyway- if you view Dating Psychos- it seems Horse face is attempting to make others believe there are other Ambler’s in various states that are being Slandered. These people do not exist. It seems a professional (maybe attorney) checked out these claims and they are all false. Once again- Darren Ambler is making a total FOOL of himself. By the time his trial date is set Darren may be confined to a place like “Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic” Overlooking the East Rive in Manhattan. It does not matter Darren will have to face Trail as soon as the Psychiatric Team feels he is competent to stand trial and answer his accusers face to face.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who cares if Darren has the “Big One”. I mean the psychotic collapse. He needs to be taken off the streets- the sooner the better.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree Completely . He needs to be removed from normal functional society. He is always a sexual threat and people like this pollute the world and the environment. He should search for a remote isolated Island somewhere and get a one way ticket. A desert Island would be perfect. He run run around Nude all day- swim nude- fantasize about himself and his Prostitutes………………He can even play with himself outdoors and no one will see him. Any person who acts like an uncivilized sex animal should go live on an remote uninhabited Island.

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