THIS POST HAS SINCE BEEN UPDATED!!!This perp is really Brian Wedgeworth!!!

Cheater & Scammer

Brian met me on a dating site and we talked for a few weeks. He told me he was a thoracic surgeon and looking for wife. He was moving to Birmingham to be closer to his parents and to get a job at UAB. We entered into a relationship. He even showed up at my job. We discussed him moving in with me when he officially moved. He borrowed $3000 from me. Wrote me a bad check to pay me back. Got me pregnant and I find out he's talking to another female in Georgia at the same time. AKA Brian Wedgeworth

POST HAS BEEN perp Brian Scammer Brian met a dating few weeks. me he was a thoracic surgeon and was moving to be closer to his and get job at relationship. up at my him in with me when he moved. borrowed from me. Wrote me bad check to pay Got and I talking to Georgia same AKA Wedgeworth <--- REAL NAMEAKA

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know someone is trying to have this post removed….do not remove it. he is a legit scammer. I met him online 4/30/2019 as well on coffee meets bagel.He offered the same day to take care of me financially and asked would I give him a son. Said he’s from Alabama and moving from Chicago to Texas to open a new office with a friend. Sent me a picture of him doing surgery (did a google image search and it turns out to be a surgeon in ghana) he sent me a supposed contract for work showing he will be making 525,000. 0 a year. (looked like he typed it himself) then proceeded to ask me for my login info to my bank so he can make a mobile deposit. I have had people send me large sums of money and they didn’t need my login info to do so. he also asked me for my apartment login info, credit card login and Navient account. After I told him no he got mad. send me a text that said my skepticism made him sad. Later asked for my last name and birthday to book me a plane ticket. When I asked for a copy of his drivers license he said he wont send it over the phone. but you want me to send my info over the phone?!?!?!!. he then tried to verify he was himself by giving me an obviously fake SSN(417358000). his birthday(5.9.1975 his profile says 42 this birthday would make him 43/44)) and his NPI number (which should be 10 digits his is 9 ..#121352168) I looked through the NPI registry, which every physician is registered on ,under the name brian Edmonds and both license for that person is expired in 1999/ After calling him out on it he threatens to sue me and sends me the conversation between him and the person who wrote this original post, where he is threatening to sue her. he is def trying to scam people .ladies be aware! the email linked to the google drive he sent the pictures from is the phone number belongs to Juanita Hudson and she had over 30 number registered to her name. crazy!! just get a real job dude

  2. From Busted Cheaters Staff says:

    We could find no doctor licensed in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, California or New York matching the name of Brian Edmonds-Allums. We also could not find any name matches on Google or Facebook. Doctors names are usually scattered all over Google and we did not find one name match. Update: The only thing we just found was a linked in profile of which anybody can create without professional credentials.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You guys are ruining the professional and personal reputation of a decent man. We already have too few men of color who are doing well in life to have this going on. While I don’t have a horse in this race I think it’s terrible that a site such as this exist. There a myriad reasons why some physicians aren’t able to be Googled. You said yourself that Drs. names are “ usually “ scattered over the internet. Because one’s name isn’t doesn’t thwart their credibility. I saw the disclaimers that you post on your site and I’ll tell you that they are utterly useless. To you ladies calling Dr. A a scammer, shame on you. There is NO WAY in the world that you’ve met this man and come away with that impression. To the young lady that says he scammed you out of $3000, that’s pure comedy. If you’re going to lie on a man please make it plausible. You come across as a jaded, immature, angry woman. Why would you put this man on a cheaters site? You guys aren’t married, how is he cheating? I

  4. Anonymous says:

    For your information, there is evidence of the bad check he wrote and the camera footage from where he deposited the bad check and where he escorted the young lady to the bank where she withdrew the money. Also there are text messages where he admits that the check was bad, how he blamed it on his assistant, and that he would pay the money back. Make sure you have your facts right before accusing people of lying.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to see some proof about this man to see if he is who he said he is. Some doctor credentials besides a linked in page would be nice too.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Blast him and put him on and !!! It’s very hard to get removed from these sites without contacting an attorney and $pending money which I’m guessing the fine doctor probably doesn’t have…Especially since he wrote a bad check for $3,000.

    Any real doctor’s credentials should easily be found in the practicing state’s doctor license database.

  8. Anonymous says:

    To the victim….Post everything you know about this potential scammer. What screen names is he using on these dating sites? Any other information from the girl in Georgia that he was talking to? You should trade notes. You can get his originating IP address from the full header in the emails he sent to you, post his IP address, known phone numbers ETC. Just curious about the pregnancy, are you keeping or did you keep this child?

  9. Anonmymous says:

    Federal Trade Commission
    Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

  10. Anonymous says:

    Other alias: aka Brian Adams, Brian Lapsley, Brainard Bell, Otis Washington, and Brian Jones.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Brian Adams, Brian Anderson, Brian Amerson, Brian Edmonds, Otis Wedgeworth, Brian Wedgeworth

  12. Anonymous says:

    I wrote a long story of how he recently scammed me but it didn’t post….I was scammed this month as well I’m out of thousands $ I’m working with a investigator so if you’re a victim email He deposited a stolen and forged check into my account. I sent him $ after the deposit only to find out the check bounced. I contacted the lady on the check via FB and she had been scammed by him too. He also paid my May rent and that check bounced too i received a letter on my door today. So now i have u pay extra

  13. Anonymous says:

    He wrote me a bad check this month asking for $ too but he deposited it himself. To the young lady that he also wrote a check to, did he deposit it or did he get you to do it? I’m asking because he tried to get me to come to deposit a check that I now found out was stolen so he’s on camera doing it. I’m ready for him to go to jail

  14. Anonymous says:

    He’s in Georgia .. I’m contacting the theft department to open a case on him so he can go back to prison

  15. fuu4y says:

    SWEET!!!! Some dumb s**ts just don’t learn!

  16. Anonymous says:

    His lawyer threatened me. LoL.

  17. Anonymous says:

    He doesn’t have a lawyer and if he did they have no case ..we have numbers.. look at all the comments on ALL of the pages about him

  18. Anonymous says:

    He doesn’t have a lawyer that’s a scare tactic that’s obviously not working. He’s on parole he had 6 months left to do right but can’t teach a old dog new tricks

  19. Anonymous says:

    The only lawyer this piece of garbage might have is a public defender for his past and future criminal cases. If anyone else has been victimized by this con job then please contact the authorities before the statute of limitations runs out, please report him immediately! Together we can all get this POS put back in prison for a few more years. Florida’s statute of limitations is 4 years and Georgia is 2 years.

  20. Anonymous says:

    victims. please call leon county sheriffs office with you information. let build a big case so they can contact his parole officers. he only has 6 more months on papers. let get him now

    “LCSO is asking anyone with information or anyone who believes they may be a victim to call (850)6063300. use his real name Brian wedgeworth

  21. Anonymous says:

    The pathological liar lives in Atlanta!! Why would we call Florida. I think some of you “ victims “ are really him. I was just with his lying ass Saturday and I WISH I had Googled him before our date!! I hate being played.

  22. Anonymous says:

    He lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife. She is a Pediatrician. He was home with her last night.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Just contact your local police department. He is in violation of his parole.

  24. Anonymous says:

    He does NOT live in Atlanta. Whoever made that comment is throwing the investigation off. Call the number for Tallahassee in the previous comment. It is my understanding that the person or people behind the victim email are also under the impression that he lives in GA and AL as well because they gave me several investigators number including the Leon County number. I informed them that after calling those numbers I was told to call Leon County directly no other county. They have confirmed him and his wife’s address. The wife is in fact a pediatrician that is so embarrassed by him that she does not use his name. She tries to separate herself from him. We all believe that she knows some or all of his dealings

  25. Anonymous says:

    I wrote the number to leon county as well as other info on this post regarding his whereabouts and phone number ext. ..I am def not his scamming ass and if I could go un anonymous I would ..but I don’t know how to lol…I called the number myself!….why would I add “use his real name” if I am him. weirdo

  26. Anonymous says:

    whats his wifes name?

  27. Anonymous says:

    I checked the Florida and Georgia Dept of Corrections and Wedgeworth is not currently showing up anywhere or on parole.

    If anybody has an investigator’s name, agency name, phone and case number then please post for everyone reading these comments. Let’s get this scumbag locked up where he belongs. Thanks everyone for your input and contribution!

  28. Anonymous says:

    He’s not married he’s scamming her too

  29. Anonymous says:

    yes he is in Georgia. Go to Select Parole/Pardon Status. Then type in his First name – Brian, Last name – Wedgeworth, Race – Black and Gender Male. Select Search and His information will pop up.

    GDC ID #1213521


  30. Anonymous says:

    On Parole with the Georgia State Department of Corrections
    GDC ID#1213521

    Parole office #404-656-4661

  31. Anonymous says:

    His wife’s name is Dr. Kennessa W. Hugger

  32. Anonymous says:

    It’s official ladies .. he is WANTED !!!!!!!! keep calling and reporting … sending your proof !!!!!

    Call his parole officer directly at the 404 number listed above .. try to provide you solid proof .. pics of him at the bank .. checks .. people you know he had depositing info .. text .. email .. etc

  33. Anonymous says:

    I just spoke with the investigator in FL. They have him on camera in FL at the bank. Turns out that he was not even suppose to be in FL based on his parole so that was a automatic violation. They also already had his address in Tallahassee because he’s been under investigation so they probably have evidence he was there. Its no need for him to run now he may as well enjoy that big ass house as much as he can because pretty soon Mrs. Cobb (his parole officer) will be telling him to come turn himself in. I just wish I could be there when he tries to lie to them like he lies to us because they have already him caught red handed he’s probably going to say it wasn’t him lol and I hope the Dr. don’t lie for him. Karma is a bad b***h

  34. fuu4y says:

    SWEET NEWS!!!!! 🙂

  35. Anonymous says:

    He’s been on the run he was suppose to turn himself in since last year. Is the investigator a criminal investigator or a hired private investigator? I’d love to have the info

  36. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure what type of investigator it is but I spoke to him as well did not think to ask if he was a criminal investigator or not but he does answer his personal phone quickly so now that has me thinking. What if someone he scammed hired a PI to find out who he really was lol that would be funny because he did say he had a lot of physical evidence and had been following him for a while. Email the they will add you to the group and get the number to you

  37. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure but now that I think about it the investigator in FL said he had been following him for a while. What if someone he scammed and disappeared from hired a PI to find the real him. This is hilarious. He needs a lifetime special ‘surviving Brian Wedgeworth’. Email to be added to the group and get the investigators #

  38. Anonymous says:

    I’m in Houston, Texas and he reached out to me on POF. Claims to want a wife and says he has stellar credit. In addition, he claimed to be a therapist. We emailed and then exchanged contact information. Was in contact for most of the day. While driving home from church tonight, something told me, ” he’s full of s**t.” So, I Googled his first name Brian and then the word, “Thoriac Surgeon”..Brian Thoriac Surgeon.. wow, all kinds of results came back . When the hits came back, I sent him a very ugly text message. Right now, he is going under the name “SlayedHarvardMed3: Marriage Minded Women Only{…this is on POF as of 12:43 am , May 22, 2019. Brian Wedgeworth must be stopped.

  39. Anonymous says:

    *not therapist..a doctor. my bad:(

  40. Anonymous says:

    Can you please post the contact information he gave you. He is currently a fugitive in Georgia.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Is this scumbag locked up yet?

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