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About Busted Cheaters

Founded by Elaine, a victim of a cheating ex-husband, Busted Cheaters is an opportunity for people to report cheaters. By making people your community aware you avoid the hassle of dating, or even marrying them.

Busted Cheaters enables those victims to anonymously report a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover. You can also make readers aware of a cheating couple, and those having an affair on their spouses.

We’re here to help victims of infidelity, spread the word about mistresses, homewreckers, cheating men and women.

Busted Cheaters provides an open and anonymous forum for people all around the world to discuss the topic of infidelity. You can share your story of a cheater that has led to a relationship breakdown. Warn others of local cheaters, and offer support to victims of unfaithful partners.

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Report a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover on Busted Cheaters

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